Search & Social Insights

What are search and social insights?

Customer validation is one of the most important components of product marketing and these days there are plenty of online channels for your customers to voice their opinion. Having strong advocates is essential and so is listening to what they have to say. A search and social insights analysis uncovers these conversations, where they are happening and the sentiment towards your company and product.

Why do I need search and social insights?

To understand what your customers are saying about your company, therapy area, product and competition, we closely monitor their behaviour online. We find out what keywords your target audience are searching for, what they are saying on social media and identify which individuals are the most vocal. This process can also uncover Key Opinion Leaders or influencers you never knew you had. On a broader scale we look at what relevant conversations are happening in social media globally and identify where you can join the conversation.

Why Nitro?

Nitro’s analysts use sophisticated search and listening tools to uncover important pockets of conversation. By doing this, we can reveal where you might be making wrong moves in your marketing, what areas in your content you need to focus on and what keywords you should be including more frequently.