Digital Asset Audits

What is a digital assets audit?

Large pharmaceutical companies with multiple digital marketing teams across the globe naturally produce a lot of assets. By assets we mean domain names, microsites, blogs, corporate websites, and other content types. A digital assets audit compiles a full list and status of everything that exists for that company online.

Why do I need a digital assets audit?

We can help you to get an overview of your digital assets, categorise them and assess their performance so that you can make informed decisions about which to prioritise and which to discontinue. In a recent research study we did on the pharma industry, we found that on average only 4 to 10% of all registered pharma domains ended up as live, functioning websites. Our audit uncovers which of those are performing and which aren’t.

Why Nitro?

Our asset audit methodology helped one client to uncover the over and underperformers out of a total of several thousand registered domains. This allowed them to channel their focus and budget into areas that were worth investing in and would make more of an impact.