Social Media

 What is Social Media?

Social media in its early form was a way for peer groups to share information about their interests with each other. Whilst that is still the case it has since evolved into a way for brands to reach their customers and share their content more widely. Popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn have provided companies with another means of brand messaging and a way of identifying and targeting customer groups. Many social media platforms have introduced Custom Audience Targeting services, making it easier for companies to talk directly to a relevant audience. This technology allows them to pinpoint an audience by criteria such as age, gender, location, profession, etc. This can be via promoted Tweets, Tweet chats, Facebook campaigns, LinkedIn InMails, YouTube playlists and much more.

Why do I need Social Media?

Custom audience targeting has made it even easier to reach the right demographic which means rather than wasting money promoting your content very broadly, which may only return a small ROI, you can direct it to those that will actually read it and share it among their peer groups with similar interests. In the pharma industry this is quite useful if you only wish to share content with HCPs and not patients. Nitro has explored this idea of pinpointing your audience on social media and we have created our custom service solution, Caduceus Social. This service tackles the challenges faced in healthcare marketing by identifying HCPs by therapy area on social media. This level of qualified targeting means your campaign delivery has less wastage and you could get a better return on your investment.

Why Nitro?

We believe we have done more research into ways to make social media work for the pharma industry than any other agency. We can identify audiences that aren’t aware of what you do, or hadn’t realised you offer certain services that are relevant to them. We can set up all the right messaging, ensure that it is on-brand and then present your customers with hand-picked content. We can also manage pages, and help you to build an online community, making sure that any feedback is responded to quickly and in the company or brand’s tone of voice.