Media Buying & Planning

What is Media Buying & Planning?

Once we’ve established what mix of social media and SEM advertising to use in your campaign, we need to allocate budget across the different channels (including publisher networks) and find the best price. Our media buyers will negotiate the best price and online placement for advertising and social media marketing and purchase it on your behalf and according to your budget.

Why do I need Media Buying & Planning?

Media planners will know which platform is the most successful for you and how to maximise that potential. They have expert knowledge in the efficacy of different online channels and will ensure that your media budget has the best return on investment possible. Media buyers have the market know-how and skills to find the right opportunities for you, without you having to put in the hard graft. They will work closely with you to understand the metrics that matter to your bottom line, making sure you get the best possible value for money.

Why Nitro?

Our media team has the expertise and knowledge to select the right assets for the right platforms, at the right times. They have the research skills to locate the best advertising opportunities for your brand, and have an incredibly strong track record of maximising the full potential of any budget to meet the goals of the campaign.