Marketing Services

What are Marketing Services?

Marketing services is the name we give to everything we do to help promote your online campaign. Whether you are hosting an event, offering a promotion, or launching a new product, website or service, we use digital marketing methods like social media channels, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) to achieve maximum coverage in front of the right audience.

Why do I need Marketing Services?

Your digital project will be more successful if it is visible. In today’s world, the internet is such a noisy place that you first need to find where your audience are and then specifically target them with the right messaging. This can be achieved by a marketing services team who know where to look and which mix of channels to select for maximum engagement.

Why Nitro?

Our marketing services team has run many successful campaigns that have met our clients’ objectives by targeting the right audience. They are experts in marketing to a pharma audience and within a regulated industry and as such are sensitive to compliance issues. You can rest assured that none of the marketing assets will appear online unless they have been approved by your Medical and Legal Review team. For an idea of some of the tactics we use, have a look at the rest of our Marketing section.