Closed Loop Marketing

What is Closed Loop Marketing?

Closed-loop marketing (CLM) is based on an exchange of insights between different stakeholders and systems. It involves the intelligent sharing of information within a closed-loop system of marketing where every piece of insight has the potential to contribute value somewhere else along the chain. CLM relies heavily on software to automate processes and analyse big data volumes.

Why do I need Closed Loop Marketing?

Closed-loop marketing can make your marketing strategy turn social. Imagine the efficiency and competitive advantage gains your business could achieve if every piece of marketing insight was recorded, analysed and communicated to the right stakeholders. You could take the guesswork out of marketing and engage your target groups in highly personalised ways.

Why Nitro?

Data has no value to your marketing plan unless it’s analysed, interpreted and acted upon. Nitro Digital has proven experience in data analysis and a deep knowledge of the digital landscape. By offering the full spectrum of digital marketing solutions, Nitro Digital can be your one stop services provider for analysing your data, formulating actions based on insights and executing the agreed-on digital marketing initiatives.