What are Analytics?

Term ‘analytics’ in this digital context refers to what is happening on your website, platform or social media channel. You can find out essential insights like how many visitors you have to your site, how long they spend on your site, what they find most interesting and what pages they leave from. On social media channels, you can measure the amount of engagement you get on each piece of content you post. Nitro monitors all of this data and pulls it into a thorough report or presentation, extracting key insights that will help you to make changes and improve your strategy in the future.

Why do I need analytics?

Using tools like Google Analytics you can measure the effectiveness of your site and drill down to the insights on specific pages. You can also measure how people find your website, which helps you choose your adwords to match their searches and improve the SEO of your site.

Why Nitro?

We deliver website performance reports with actionable recommendations to our clients, to help them convert website statistics to valuable insight. We do campaign reports, general website performance reports and SEO site auditing reports.