App Development

What is App Development?

Apps are a self-contained programme designed to fulfil a particular purpose and if you are the owner of a smartphone, you most likely use them on a daily basis to check the weather, book travel or track your fitness. We can develop both mobile (iOS and Android) and Facebook apps, both of which are a useful tool for engaging your target audience.

Why do I need App Development?

Apps are a great way to help your customers by giving them a tool that they find useful. Some examples within the pharma industry could be a therapy area monitoring app that tracks a health condition and connects with their patient’s data so they get a holistic view of their treatment. We can build apps within the Facebook platform which integrate into its News Feed, Notifications, various social channels and other features to generate awareness and interest in the app by Facebook users. This offers you a way to engage with your target audience, either with a game, or a way for them to create something they can share with their peers in a forum that they feel comfortable and familiar with. You can also glean a level of information from their profiles, to help you understand your audience better.

Why Nitro?

Our Team at Nitro can help you explore all of the options, and develop a strategy for making the most out of an app, whatever you choose for its purpose, whether it is on Facebook, iOS or Android. We’ll identify a need within your target audience during our research phase and then suggest ideas for apps that will meet those requirements.