User Interface Design

What is UI?

User interface (UI) design assesses the best way to navigate a platform. All the menus, calls to action and navigation options are then designed in a way that is obvious and intuitive to the user. It could mean having a button in blue rather than grey or placing the menu at the side or at the top, for example. UI works in harmony with UX and art-working and takes into account how the user will interact with the platform from start to finish.

Why do I need UI?

It is the nuances of a website that makes the user experience so much more effective. By anticipating what users might want or need to do and creating a space that they enjoy interacting with, you increase the amount of time spent engaging with your brand, products and overall message.

Why Nitro?

Nitro will ensure that the design of your platform is created in a way that allows users to navigate it simply, without getting lost. We have talented experts who are creative and intuitive who will apply findings from the research stage into the working design to ensure that it is optimised for your audience.