User Experience (UX)

What is UX?

A good user-experience (UX) goes hand in hand with achieving business goals, which, if not adopted could cost you a number of missed opportunities. We often come across websites that aren’t designed with the customer in mind, but instead are a minefield of information that few can navigate. The UX process is carried out through a series of interviews with a cross-section of the target audience with varying levels of confidence using online tools. Our experts then apply this insight when designing the layout, design and ways to navigate the website.

Why do I need UX?

Any design decisions should always be driven by user experience. It is what will ultimately convert website visits to your business goals. If your customers have a good experience on your site, they will feel happy about doing business with you.

Why Nitro?

UX specialists at Nitro know exactly which questions to ask the test audience to find out what they need from the site. We will present you with a detailed aggregation of the results and from experience, these reports always reveal things we did not expect from our original assumptions.  We can also implement surveys to understand perceptions about your digital offerings. As part of a survey we recommend to include the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question to measure and understand your customer experience and carry out research for real and ongoing tangible business benefit.