• It was important to the success of the campaign that users were clearly directed to the ‘At Risk’ content if applicable so that they were able to make an information decision as to whether to get vaccinated
  • This meant increasing overall user figures by 30%
  • Increasing time spent on the site by over 1 minute
  • Decreasing the bounce rate below 40%


  • Create a site that can be easily viewed across all devices
  • Yet enable to site to be viewed by older browsers like Internet Explorer 6
  • Create spaces from engaging video content
  • An appealing and enagaging design and uer-experience


Planning and Design

Nitro brought the design up-to-date with a full-page responsive theme that could be viewed across devices and break the mold of the “typical” pharma website design. This meant that the user-experience would be familar and relatable by patients.



One key challenge was making sure that the site was Internet Explorer 6 and 7 compatible should the site be demonstrated to patients via the NHS (who at the time still used the browser in nearly 100% of their computers). Using a simple content management system such as WordPress, we were able to overcome this through multiple themes that detected browsers through JavaScript. sing WordPress also meant the client could cost-effetcively continue to update the site in the future (including the theme) without having to start from scratch each time.



Bringing it all together

The site launched in August 2014, in time for the season's pre-orders, and  throughout the 2014/2015 flu season performed above expectations - with a significant increase in users, page views and time spent on the site.

The bounce rate also had decreased to a low and accepted industry-standard level providing us with overwhelming proof that users were enagaging with the site more than ever before.

This translated into results for Sanofi Pasteur MSD who reported the season to be a great success for the year.

3 devices

Everyone was really excited by the new site design and it's performance has been a great success thanks to the ongoing work of Nitro Digital.

Vincent Maccias

Product Manager - Flu & Pneumococcal Vaccines