• Create a website that can help provide patients and supporters with information on ADHD and Strattera
  • Support patients to actively record their symptom changes and stay motivated
  • Patients stay on treatment long enough (min. of 12 weeks) to see effects
  • Doctors see the effectiveness of Strattera and continue to prescribe


  • Create a website that can be easily viewed across all devices
  • Enable users to seamlessly record symptoms cross platform and to share important results with their doctor
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Break away from the typical information-heavy healthcare sites



The program was developed with a “user-first” approach by Nitro who were responsible for the concept, it’s user-experience (which was developed through user interviews and user stories) content and creative. The program’s design from a structural point of view plus it’s creative needed to be sensitive to the needs of an ADHD user who may not be compliant in finishing the program. The wireframe, concepts, content and style guides were then handed over to Quintiles for development which would also host on a secure server to enable compliance in collecting patient data.



This program enables physicians to see real-world data, in the form of a user-experience focused designed interface and determine the effect and progress of Strattera on their patient. Their patient will receive support messages as they track their progress and both parties can then discuss treatment options based on data. It is technology and process that can already be found with CRM systems and consumer programs but within the heavily restricted pharma space. It tracks and reports real world data in a way that pharma has been reluctant to try and doesn’t let the technology get in the way.



Bringing it all together

The UK and Swedish versions of the site was launched in June 2015, followed by the Danish version shortly after. The programme was also supported with at least 2000 print materials to help improve user engagement globally.

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