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Cancer Research UK Gets Social With HCPs

Cancer Research UK aim to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. More people than ever before are being diagnosed with cancer in the UK, and in particular, rates of oral cancer have risen dramatically in the last 10 years. Cancer Research UK, supported by the British Dental Association and accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners, developed an Oral Cancer Recognition Toolkit to promote and support the early diagnosis of oral cancer by dentists and GPs. The toolkit includes a video, recognition and referral aids, case studies and other resources to help support best practice in the prevention and early detection of oral cancer.

Nitro Digital was chosen for the project based on its in-depth knowledge of the healthcare space and its methodical, multidimensional approach to strategising and executing successful online marketing campaigns and its knowledge of how to connect and engage with HCPs online. Taking the lead from Nitro, a tactical digital strategy and plan were developed to harness social media channels to drive awareness and targeted visitors to the appropriate toolkit. The campaign was timed to run for two weeks during Mouth Cancer Action Month (November 2016), and the toolkits were placed on two key healthcare websites, chosen specifically for their relevant readership. Nitro launched  a two-pronged social media planning and buying campaign, selecting two channels (Facebook and LinkedIn) to direct traffic to the landing pages. Ad creative and messaging was tailored to each audience. Chosen KPIs included clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC and using GA.

As this was an experiment for the client, learnings were key. Cancer Research UK had not used social media to reach HCPs before, so there was great interest in seeing how well the campaign would perform. Overall, it delivered strong results and as the CPC was not significantly different from what the client was used to seeing when targeting the general public, they were pleasantly surprised. Nitro, too, was pleased with the initial results, as they demonstrate the opportunity for improvement in the future, with learnings from this pilot effort informing new HCP-centric campaigns going forward. Most important, however, the campaign proved that digital marketing could achieve results and provide insight into audience behaviour that could be used to refine future, similar online activity.

Both medical professionals and patients are becoming increasingly digitally savvy. Social media, in particular, is likely to have a major impact in the way that pharma communicates in the coming years. 52% of physicians surveyed by Deloitte expressed interest in communicating with pharma companies via social media.* Massive opportunities await for those brands that embrace this new digital engagement.

*, published Jan 2016

Celebration for the Communique awards

Communiqué Awards

Nitro Digital is thrilled to be announced as a finalist in a new category for the 2014 Communiqué Awards – Excellence in Integrated Digital Communications, up against four other finalists. To be nominated for the awards is a major triumph for our Social Media and Marketing team, who worked tirelessly on this campaign from concept to campaign end.

The nomination

The nomination is for their work on behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, where they successfully extended the reach of information on BI’s pre-launch oncology compounds to oncologists and others interested in the field globally for a month, using paid social media promotions, social listening and engagement, emails and banners through publisher networks, organic and paid search promotion of oncology assets for media, healthcare professionals and patients. They also created a ASCO playlist on YouTube and an event landing page on BI’s NewsHome site.

We achieved our objectives to help BI reach media and healthcare professionals in over 130 countries and to extend the reach and momentum of our key messages through a joined-up digital campaign.

Three of our colleagues will be at the celebrations in Mayfair, London tonight.

What are the Communiqué Awards?

The Communiqué awards are specifically designed to recognise and commend excellence and best practice in local, European and international healthcare communications. The programme highlights the range and complexity of the issues facing healthcare communications professionals today and, against this background, the extent to which outstanding work ultimately delivers real improvements in healthcare, does the right thing for patients, builds trust with stakeholders and enhances industry reputation.