We’re looking for a talented, problem solving, data-led UX Analyst who has a real passion for building innovative user experiences across all digital channels. Whilst having a fundamental understanding of UX is very important, you might come from a completely different background other than UX, which gives you the nuances that we are looking for. This could be a background in data science, software engineering or similar.

About you

  • You take a leading role in whatever you do
  • You’ve a strong analytical mindset which enables you to derive patterns and insight from a range of data
  • You have a great ability to transform insights into action, via incremental evolution or innovation, to help fulfil user needs
  • You’re comfortable in client-facing situations
  • You are methodical:  you strive to test, experiment and learn rather than just “go with your gut”
  • You’re a big fan of agile methodology and user-focused solutions
  • You are able to recognise the bigger picture—and how your work relates to a client’s commercial goals
  • Above all, you’re a team player willing to get stuck in and make things happen

Required skills

  • Great understanding of UX fundamentals, such as user journeys, sitemap creation, wireframing, etc.
  • Comfortable with all aspects of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and exposure to other data and analytics software
  • Knowledge of development languages like HTML/CSS, JS, Python or R
  • Data wrangling, analysis and visualisation experience with tools like Excel and Tableau
  • A/B testing tools like Optimizely or VWO
  • Experience setting up, analysing and reporting on surveys

Primary responsibilities

  • Creation of tracking setups
  • Web analysis in Google Analytics
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • A/B testing
  • Survey creation
  • Prototyping – perhaps in code, if you have the skills

We want to hear from you!

Whilst the ideal candidate has the above skills and qualifications, there are only two requirements: You need to have EXCELLENT problem solving skills and a GREAT experience in building digital solutions. We want to hear from you, no matter your current title or seniority.

We know you don’t want to write a long application, so if you’re up for the challenge, then send us your CV and 10 lines about why you are the right fit.